Hotdog de Lux - Charlott

The first side of this folded book is about Charlott. She loves dogs but is denied one for many years. Finally she get´s one but the dog is kidnaped..

Hotdog de Lux - Poul

The second side of this folded book is about Poul. He has a traumatic experience that makes him hate dogs. He takes action and creates a buisninss out of it..

Poul and Charlott - flow

In the last story about Ernst and Flemming the two charaters had the same motivation, despite of the difference in Personality.

In this story I wanted two characters whose motivation contradict each other so a conflict and clash of interests occurs. Still using the two-sited book as format.

Ernst and Flemming

My latest project is a small foldable book with two sides. The book is about two friends and how they meet. One side is the story told from the elephant Ernst´s point of view and the other from Flemming the bird´s point of view. My aim was to describe one story from a extrovert approach (the bird) and an introvert approach (the elephant).

I wanted to show the gritty side of the project since the amount of energy one puts into developing the product through an iterative process is central to the quality of the final product.